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I want to lose weight so I decided to do a juice fast. If you don’t count the apple I ate on day one I lasted 1 1/2 days. Dizziness and hunger overcame me. I broke the fast with a salad. I was disappointed, but let’s face it, I live and breathe food. When I’m not cooking it, creating new recipes, styling it or finessing it I’m writing about it or researching it. Even my newly discovered hobby is to photograph it. Food is a huge part of my life. So the odds were stacked against me for a successful juice fast. I’ve tried a juice fast before and haven’t lasted. I do however make fresh veggie and fruit juice combination almost every day. About 1 1/2 litres of it, or 1 1/2 quarts for the metrically challenged each day I drink. I feel better for it. I still need a weight loss plan though.

North America and 3 knee surgeries since moving to this part of the world has been part of the reason I put on weight, that and stress. Really at the end of the day I only have myself to blame, the other things were a catalyst. I left Australia back in 2000 fit and fabulous. A big change in my diet coupled with less exercise and I woke up one morning not liking how I looked or felt. Without making this a long, boring story or dwelling on what I weighed when I left Australian shores it is time to do something about it. Good genes have given me proportion and an hourglass shape unfortunately there’s a lot more glass than I’d like.

As much as I want this to happen overnight being as impatient as I am I know it’s something I’m really going to have to work at. Thankfully I like exercise, sadly I’m a little more limited to what I do thanks to crappy knees. I’ve got a great exercise bike and bought myself a trike which I love. So I’ve got the exercise part covered. As for the food part of the equation, it’s not rocket science – eat less, choose unprocessed, healthful foods and keep it interesting. So here goes to keeping it interesting…

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