deboned turkey

As you’re all recovering from your turkey hangover, the last thing you probably feel like looking at right now is more turkey, especially in its raw state. Well sorry but I just had to share my proud moment. What I can only describe as a work of art – my deboned turkey. Now nothing about these pics are pretty, sorry but I was in a hurry, however, what resulted was the best turkey I have ever eaten. I’m not going to share with you the rigmarole of how to debone a turkey – because believe me, it is a rigmarole, even for those who cook for a living. I mean why? Would you ever do it? Never one to shy from a challenge though, I was determined to get this done. Now it’s been awhile since I’ve deboned anything and I have never deboned a turkey. Chickens and ducks yes. Turkey, no. I went online thinking I could find some good videos to help me. Nope. The videos I found had the wings, drumsticks and thighs being cut off and roasted separately…with bones, how is that deboning a whole turkey? I wanted to remove all of this bird’s bones…so I did. It took me about 45 minutes. And strange as this might sound, I enjoyed it. I had no one waiting for me to get it done, no noise, no pressure, no one barking in my ear. Just some classical music playing in the background and a couple of semi-interested dogs.

Once I removed all the bones, drumsticks, thighs AND wings included, I turned it on its skin and placed a thick layer of apple, pecan, bacon and thyme stuffing I’d made almost over the entire bird. Then I rolled it, tied it with butchers’ string and roasted it for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I made a really good gravy with the pan drippings – port, excellent chicken stock I’d made and cherries. This was also delicious. Then I made green bean casserole (being new to this country I had never made it and having never cooked with a can of soup before I wasn’t about to start so I made my own mushroom sauce to toss the lovely French beans in), crunchy roasted garlic potatoes and roasted herb carrots. My mum’s apple pie was dessert (side note – I don’t like apple pie but mum’s recipe is to die for with a really nice pastry and a streusel topping). I just served that up with really good vanilla ice cream (I did contemplate making my own but the turkey did me in).

deboned turkey


deboned turkey stuffed and rolled


deboned turkey cooked

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