Sydney, Australia

I’ve not long been back home in the US from a trip home to Australia to see my family. I felt energized from the sun, the incredible food and the love of family. I try to keep a positive outlook on most things but I am done with winter DONE I tell you. And it’s not even just winter, it’s being land-locked in a place with such a short summer, with no ocean. I miss the ocean. I miss FRESH seafood.

When I arrived back to cold, snowy Minnesota I couldn’t believe how grey and sad people looked. Almost like a scene from communist Russia. I felt more alive than I had in so long, energized from the sun’s powerful warmth, my body felt soothed from swimming each day, my soul nourished from such wonderful, fresh food.

Several mornings I dropped my niece, who was studying for her exams, off at school. Her school is just a stone’s throw from the most beautiful harbour in the world. I’d park the car and take a stroll along the water’s edge, feeling blessed I was born in such a beautiful, vibrant and dynamic city with water, lots of waterways and beaches and sunshine loads of glorious sunshine. The people around me looked full of life and happy with their ‘g’day’ greeting to me as they smiled and power-walked by. I wish I could bottle that intoxicating feeling I had after months and months of endless winter to finally feel myself come alive. It’s better than any drugs around I’m sure. And I’m not exaggerating. I’ve spent ten winters in Canada and four in the US – Montana and Minnesota and that’s it, no more. I want beaches, sunshine and fresh seafood back.

Here is a quick happy snap from an early morning harbour walk. More Aussie updates to follow…

under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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