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On a recent visit to a doctor it was discussed that perhaps I was entering/had entered menopause. No shit. As it’s my body this is happening to I knew already, but thank you doctor. Out of curiosity and to be better educated as to what delights I can expect during this next chapter of my life, I’ve taken to reading what women are saying about menopause on the world-wide-web.  None of what I’ve read thus far sounds like a picnic. Women are leaving their husbands, hating themselves and the world, and generally feeling in a word – gross.

Because I’m 50 next year and because I knew I was hurtling towards the big ‘M’ I decided I was going to set a goal for myself to be in the best shape I can be come my 50th birthday next October.  Screw you menopause and your symptoms. So exercising, eating healthy and blogging about it all is becoming my new full time job. Aren’t you thrilled?!

I’d mentioned in a previous blog post I’d started a challenge with a girl in Indiana that my hubby had taken to a prom 30 plus years ago. She and I have the same cherry colored Schwinn trike…remember? Well we’re still hard at it, eating healthy, riding our trikes & documenting it all. When I started this challenge I was happy to ride a couple of miles at a time, just exercising on a regular basis was an achievement. On Sunday I broke the 10 mile mark and today I did over nine miles. My weekday rides are shorter. Weekends generally are longer rides with my hubby. Those distances might not sound like much to biker enthusiasts but all things considered with my knee, back and foot pain I know I’m doing great. And the pain is lessening.

wild cherry on her wild chariot hubby built

wild cherry on her wild chariot hubby built

And brace yourself…I bought some bike shorts. YES, those god-awful, padded lycra things that bikers like to go to cafes wearing after they get finished riding on the weekends. Whilst the shorts haven’t completely cured the butt-crack burn that I get riding, they have made the ride more pleasant with their cushioning protection. Maybe I need to try wearing two pairs, or this chamois cream I read about on biker fanatics’ blogs. Stay tuned…

What I have noticed about riding, apart from the sore parts down yonder is my hot flashes have gone away – touch wood! I haven’t had one in weeks. I used to say to my hubby “oh I think I’m having one, oh good grief there it goes, I feel like I’m self-combusting” – it was all suitably dramatic. We did move to Florida at the start of summer which hasn’t helped. Florida in summer is one permanent hot flash believe me. I picked the wrong state to experience menopause in. Seriously though, I know exercising is helping me in so many ways – mentally as well as physically. And I love, love LOVE my Wild Cherry trike. Especially as my honey made a wild chariot for her and now I can go to the park to ride any time.

I really hope my journey on this next fabulous chapter of my adventures can help and inspire others because that’s a lot of depressing stuff ladies are writing about menopause out there in cyber land. I know it’s inevitable for me and I know many women experience it differently but I’d like to do it with as fewer ‘symptoms’ and hideousities as possible thanks. Stay tuned…

wild cherry on her wild chariot



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  1. Cherry Tart says:

    I love your posts, friendship, encouragement, and the honesty with which do everything. Thanks for allowing me to go on this Wild “Cherry” Schwinn trike ride with you. You only have the best things coming your way.

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