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Over the past week or so I’ve been making the transition from my old website name – Lovoni W to my new website name – The Fresh Aussie. The transition wasn’t entirely without drama. At the risk of boring the pants off you I’ll spare the details…apart from a few tweaks here and there the site is up and running with a new name THE FRESH AUSSIE!  I knew changing a domain name at an already established site was going to be challenging but I’ve never been comfortable with Lovoni W for a title…even if it is my name. I was never able to secure the name of just ‘Lovoni’, probably because I’m named after a place in Fiji that may already have secured the domain name, there is no website though so it remains a mystery, someone has it. As rare as my name is, I’m sure not the only Lovoni in the world.

I’m very excited about the name change to THE FRESH AUSSIE. Fresh is how I love to cook, as many of you already know. I’ve written cookbooks with FRESH in the title and had a cooking show with FRESH in the name. When you look-up fresh in the dictionary it says – “having its original qualities. Unimpaired. Not altered by processing”. Fresh also means renewed. Or starting over – like starting afresh (god, I’ve done that a few times). It can mean brand new, pristine, recent or original. Think fresh air or fresh waterIt can also mean cheeky or flirtatious, even a little bit naughty. So you’ll understand why I chose the name I did. The Aussie part is obvious right?!

I feel very passionate about real food and have made a commitment to myself to include more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Starting with fresh veggie juice in the morning followed by fresh fruit. For lunch it’s either a salad or one of my favourite sandwiches which will appear on The Fresh Aussie soon. Dinner could be anything really – from exotic to simple but always with a few different veggies. Like many of you I get excited about what produce the change of season brings. It’s coming up to asparagus season which I eagerly anticipate every year since living in North America. Then stone fruit season. White nectarines – my fave. Right now in Florida it’s strawberry season and pineapples are ridiculously cheap, sweet and juicy, so I’ve been cooking with those.

I was raised on lots of veggies both cooked and raw and love to eat and cook with beautiful, fresh produce. It incenses me when people say it’s expensive to eat healthy. Especially when those same people think nothing about spending money on unnecessary, luxury items. Anyway before I get all up on my soap box…back to me telling you about my site…there’s also some great changes I’ve made to The Fresh Aussie: I have a search bar now so you can find recipes easily by categories or tags; there’s nutritional information now available at the bottom of each recipe if you like to track calories, carbs, fat and such. And I’ve had mobile coding done so The Fresh Aussie can easily be viewed on any mobile device now. So all that’s left for me to do is fill your inbox with fabulous, fresh and exciting recipes. Thanks for supporting me and please share The Fresh Aussie website with your friends and family. Smooches, L xo

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