day 2 & coconut fruit breakfast

There’s all sorts of opinions out there on breakfast. What’s good, what’s bad & everything in between. A lot of what a person has for breakfast is determined by time, ingredients on hand, dietary restrictions, taste (of course) & money. The old adage “eat like a king for breakfast…” has never held much merit for me only because eating a heavier breakfast tends to make me feel sleepy & heavy afterwards. 

fruit breakfastWay back in my past life In Australia, mum & I started following the Fit for Life diet where you eat fruit until midday. Mum has eaten this way for 20 plus years & has always been trim & healthy. I was a little more yo-yo with it. Harvey Diamond, who wrote the book, believes that eating fruit until lunchtime, allows your body to rid itself of waste efficiently in the morning. Eating this way works for me but I add some coconut milk & a little grated palm sugar to mine, I’m sure he wouldn’t approve. The results are delicious, filling but light enough I don’t feel weighed down or sleepy. It works for me. And that’s what getting in shape is all about, what works for you. And are you getting the desired results & feeling fabulous. If you’re not, time to reassess. 

fruitIf you’re eating cereal & milk for breakfast & you’re having tummy issues, headaches, bloating, weight gain & fuzzy head, chances are it’s the cereal & the milk. Along with the bottled water & yogurt industries, cereal is one of the largest, more lucrative food industries in the world. Commercials praise the benefits of eating cereal every day. While there might be merit to some of it (as in fibre), most of it is smoke & mirrors & we all fall for the clever advertising, especially for our children. 

peaches & berriesFruit in the summer is sensational. A juicy peach or nectarine can go a long way to help a sweet craving (*sigh, so can chocolate). And berries, well not only are they low in calories but they have a low glycemic index, meaning their natural sugars are released slowly so as not to cause an insulin spike (like eating cereal with milk does).

I tried a new coconut milk today & it was so thick. I also keep it in the fridge so that thickens it up. It looks more like yogurt in the pics but it’s not, just plain old coconut milk. I try different brands. Organic is great if you can find it & afford it. One can of coconut milk last me three days. It’s also really good in smoothies. If you’re not a big coconut milk fan then maybe try some almond milk, especially if you can make it yourself, that way it doesn’t have any unnecessary ingredients in it like store-bought does.

fruit & coconut milk

This is day 2 of my 100 days to healthy plan. So far so good, except I have a horrible headache which might be my body eliminating toxins but I think it’s coming from my neck. I’m really excited about the plan…it’s only the second day so of course I’m going to be right!? Last night for dinner I made a big salad with grilled chicken & lots of crunchy veggies, nuts, bacon, strawberries, orange segments with a honey poppy seed dressing. It’s my favorite salad at the minute, I could eat it every day it’s so good. Ok, it’s lunch time & I’m going to make scrambled eggs with jalapeno & tomatillo salsa on a tostada – also delicious. Until next time…


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