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They way you cook reflects your personality so never be boring, apologetic or meek. Approach cooking & eating well, like you want to approach almost everything in life  – with gusto & passion. Using bold flavors, vibrant colors & fresh ingredients to create simple, non-pretentious recipes makes the journey of losing weight an enjoyable one  & an experience I want to share with you. My goal for losing weight, getting healthy & feeling fabulous is a lofty one but we all need those mountains to climb in order to achieve success. With perseverance, determination, drive & consistency a person can reach any goal they set for themselves. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen. 


Born & raised in Sydney, Australia, I now call America “home”. I’m the daughter of an Australian mum, an English dad & a food-loving, fabulous cook of a step-father. I’ve got a Fijian name –  ‘Lovoni’. The word ‘Lovo‘ is a derivative of Lovoni and means ‘underground oven’. And I’ve been there, it’s beautiful, lush & fertile. If your name is your destiny then I was born to cook. My hope is to inspire others to cook, eat wiser & if they want to shed pounds like me & feel vibrant, then I hope to help them on their journey. 

Here, some pics of me visiting Lovoni Valley in Fiji:

Lovoni Valley, Ovalou, Fiji

Lovoni Valley, Ovalou, Fiji


I was raised on fresh, made-from-scratch food in a family of great cooks – passionate about good, wholesome food. Introduced to the diverse Sydney restaurant scene at a young age, I developed a taste for ethnically inspired food with bold flavors. At home we threw dinner parties &  hosted big picnics on the beach. I went to markets to buy seafood, fruit & vegetables, butchers, Asian grocery stores, Lebanese bakeries & Indian spice stores. My childhood memories center around fabulous food, Sydney beaches & a loving, loud & fun family. I believe it was this foundation that led me to study Culinary Arts & begin a career in television & publishing that has spanned more than two decades. 


For 22 years I’ve worked with food in the publishing & television industries globally. I’ve worked in test kitchens writing recipes & food styling for cookbooks & magazines.  I’ve worked both in front of a behind the camera on cooking shows as host, writer & food stylist. 

I have written recipes & food styled for countless publications & companies over the years. I’ve co-written around 60 cookbooks & authored seven of my own. After moving to Canada in the winter of 2000, I became a food editor for a Canadian magazine & cookbook publishing company. Leaving there to start a company & publish my own cookbook. Simple, Fresh, Delicious was my cookbook-turned-television-show with the same title – Simple, Fresh, Delicious TV show. I was the host & one of the writers for my show which had four wonderful seasons (52 episodes). With such a great crew we enjoyed some funny times together such as trying to catch wild turkeys. You can see blooper reels from season one and two. Or check out recipes and videos on the site too. Simple, Fresh, Delicious aired on OWN in Canada nationally & of all the work I’ve done in my career, it is my favorite thing to date.

In January, 2010 I moved to the USA. I’ve lived in four states – Montana, Minnesota, Florida & now my hubby’s home state – Indiana. I’ve worked in corporate America as a Food Specialist for a Fortune 500 company. It was a busy & diverse job that I loved. Now I have an opportunity for me to focus on building my own brand & encouraging others to take control & be their healthiest best, sharing my recipes that are helping me & my story. 


Cookbooks & magazines written by me

Cookbooks & magazines written by me


Sixteen years of living in North America, eating a diet different to my Aussie diet & menopause, have seen me pile on the pounds. With the excess weight has come inflammation & joint pain; stomach issues & dwindling self confidence. Thinking my diet-related issues aren’t a lot different from other women, I started this blog to share my weight loss journey & the recipes that are helping me achieve my goals in the hope I inspire & help others in the same boat. The small company my husband & I started – Lava Red Media, is producing weekly cooking videos of me as well as podcasts. The videos can be viewed on The Fresh Aussie YouTube channel. We’ll be adding one a week, journaling my weight-loss progress & sharing the recipes helping me achieve my goals. The podcasts will be coming soon & will also be released weekly. Stay tuned!



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