grilled veggie antipasto

Thursday already, time to start thinking about the weekend meals. Are you entertaining this weekend? Maybe putting a menu together for Father’s Day in this fine nation? Antipasto, as you know is a wonderful Italian first course that can consists of salted meats, seafood, veggies, olives, cheese & nuts. This week I’ve been focused on…  [Read More]

greek-style barbecued lamb

Lamb is so quintessentially Australian (English, Kiwi & Greek too of course). I was raised on lamb. The best were a good spicy lamb curry cooked by my step-father & mum’s ‘baked dinner’ – a leg of lamb roasted with the crunchiest roasted potatoes in the world; wedges of sweet, bright-orange jap pumpkin; whole onions roasted to candy-like sweetness;…  [Read More]

smoky carrot hummus

You all know hummus right? Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, spices & garlic all blitzed together to make a delicious dip-like paste. Super simple. Middle Eastern in origin (so it’s said – also spread to North African & Mediterranean), hummus gained considerable popularity in western culture, especially of late & now we’re seeing many…  [Read More]

pumpkin & coconut thai curry soup

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ask almost any Australian what is the most popular soup in their homeland & chances are they’ll tell you it’s pumpkin soup. Like it or love it, it’s certainly an Aussie icon. It’s evolved over the years as food trends changed. In its simplest form it’s onion – sweated in some oil or…  [Read More]

zucchini, sweet potato, goat cheese & basil frittata

Frittatas are so easy to make & are a perfect quick-fix dinner solution. Leftovers can be eaten for lunch the next day. They also make a good on-the-go breakfast option. Most frittatas can be whipped-up in 30 minutes or less & are a good way to add more veggies to your diet. Like these cute little zucchini.  Instead…  [Read More]

the best roasted potatoes with lemon oregano salt

My mum used to make the best, roasted potatoes. They were always really crisp on the outside – perfectly cooked. She’d serve them with roasted leg of lamb, assorted roasted veggies, homemade gravy, green peas & mint sauce. Mum’s roast lamb – or “baked dinner” as she always called it, will remain one of the best meals I’ve…  [Read More]

coconut, white chocolate & passionfruit syrup muffins

Be still my beating heart, three of some of my favorite things to eat all in one sticky, sweet muffin. Coconut. White chocolate. And passionfruit or “passion fruit” as Americans write it. I enjoy making muffins – you can add pretty much anything to them. They’re low maintenance & a lot less pretentious than their…  [Read More]

chicken, spinach & orange salad with wasabi sesame dressing

Let me start by saying this salad is delicious and you need to make it. It’s so good in fact I made it twice in three days…and we’re having it again tonight for dinner. It’s easy, even for those cooking-challenged people. All the ingredients are easy to find. It’s very pretty. And it’s good for…  [Read More]

how to make salt & pepper squid

Toss crunchy-coated, perfectly cooked squid (or calamari) together with a hedonistic spice mix and you have a simple but very fabulous appetizer. All it could possibly need is a spritz of lemon and it’s ready to be gobbled-up by hungry guests. It’s a cringe-worthy moment for me when I hear someone say they don’t like…  [Read More]

beet, caramelized onion & goat cheese bruschetta

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have fun and frivolity planned for the weekend, I certainly do…and a lot of cooking. Just a quick post to share with you – a lovely little appetizer I thought would be perfect served with some weekend cocktails. Yes please! Now before the purists jump all over me, I know…  [Read More]

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