seed & nut bread

Have you ever tried gluten-free bread & thought: oh this is pretty awful? Or been shocked at the cost of a tiny loaf? I have. Over the years I’ve tested countless recipes I’ve found in cookbooks & online as well as developing my own recipes in search of a good gluten-free breakfast bread. My parameters:…  [Read More]

easy cherry yum-yum pie

With Christmas only a couple of days away & celebrations already underway, it seemed only fitting to share with you a cherry pie recipe that has been in my family for 60 years. This is the easiest pie you’ll ever make, & dare I say, the best. This is one of my all-time favorite desserts. To…  [Read More]

cherry hemp chocolate clusters

We’ve all said it – “I’ll start my diet when _____ (insert here whatever occurrence is happening in your future life)”. It could be: You’ll start your diet after your friend has visited. Maybe after your birthday. Christmas. Winter. The list of excuses is endless. I know because I’ve got the War & Peace equivalent…  [Read More]

grain-free cranberry, nut & seed granola

There are many things I’d rather do than housework so please excuse the dust in here, it’s been weeks since I’ve posted & I’m sure the place is in need of a good cleaning. And you’ve thoroughly missed me haven’t you? Haven’t you? I know you have!  The excuses for my non-posting tardiness: Firstly, we had guests stay &…  [Read More]

sticky honey soy pork meatballs

I like the thought of eating meatballs but when it comes to making them I find them a little fiddly. But when the want takes over logic…enter my food processor. I literally threw everything into the processor bowl & a couple of minutes later I was rolling the mixture into balls. Forget frying them, I don’t need the…  [Read More]

coconut lime gluten-free muffins

Since I’ve been eating gluten-free I’ve had some, shall we say, interesting moments in the kitchen. Several loaves of what was to be bread, have hit the garbage. Thankfully there are some decent gluten-free breads available to buy, this is what I resorted to. Not one to give up so easily, I’m determined to get it…  [Read More]

sweet potato bread french toast – gluten-free

As I delve further into a wheat-free way of life I’m discovering some really great combinations of flavors I might not have tried had I not embarked on this journey. Wanting French toast last weekend, I came up with this sweet potato bread recipe that is moist & kissed with just a little sweetness. It made excellent French…  [Read More]

chocolate date, cashew & coconut balls & day 1 of 100

Day 1 of my 100 days to healthy & if I’m eliminating wheat, dairy & sugar from my diet I’m going to need a back-up plan when my sweet craving hits around 2 PM each day. Fresh fruit just isn’t going to cut it. Enter these yummy little morsels I made. Plump Medjool dates, cashews & coconut…  [Read More]

coconut, white chocolate & passionfruit syrup muffins

Be still my beating heart, three of some of my favorite things to eat all in one sticky, sweet muffin. Coconut. White chocolate. And passionfruit or “passion fruit” as Americans write it. I enjoy making muffins – you can add pretty much anything to them. They’re low maintenance & a lot less pretentious than their…  [Read More]

banana, sour cream & walnut cake with browned butter icing

The banana cemetery…admit it, you have one too. That place in the freezer where dead bananas go because they’ve passed their ripeness but we can’t bring ourselves to throw them out. We vow to make banana bread or muffins one day. Come on, I know I’m not the only one who does this. Well…time to clear…  [Read More]

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