spiced chickpea bowl with lemony avocado dressing

Cool, crunchy cucumbers, juicy ripe tomatoes, spicy chickpeas, olives, Italian parsley & a lemony avocado dressing are the stars of this simple, throw-together, nourishing bowl. 

baked maple chicken with creamy bean & cheddar mash

This recipe of baked maple chicken with creamy bean & cheddar mash might look like a bit of a plain Jane but…looks can be deceiving. The chicken is cooked in a maple, mustard & rosemary sauce that forms a glaze as it bakes. Then it’s served with a mash to rival the best mashed potatoes…  [Read More]

chicken, spinach & feta meatballs

Meatballs – YES!!! Be still my beating heart! Little bite-size morsels of meat goodness have always been a favorite of mine but something I didn’t make very often because I considered them a little fiddly. Not anymore. I have an easy method, nothing earth shattering but it seems to take a fraction of the time than it…  [Read More]

salmon & black bean salad with creamy citrus dressing

In the past, I’ve never been a big salmon fan, unless it was smoked. The tide is turning & I’ve been enjoying more fresh salmon cooked a variety of ways, grilled being my fave. Salmon is good for us, we all know that. And while it’s higher in calories than other fish, it’s health properties far…  [Read More]

spicy avocado hummus

How was everyone’s weekend? We shot another cooking video, I’ll upload tomorrow to my YouTube channel. That was lots of fun work. Then it all went downhill afterwards as my poor hairless baby, Mango got sick in the evening, bleeding profusely from her nose. This has been an ongoing issue. An emergency dash to the…  [Read More]

roasted carrot & spicy chickpea salad

Friday already! This week has flown. Of course I feel like I haven’t done half of what I wanted to accomplish. I’ve been working on a few updates to my blog to which is always time consuming. And pretty exciting. There’s going to be a section for renovating your diet. It’s working for me & I…  [Read More]

smoky carrot hummus

You all know hummus right? Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, spices & garlic all blitzed together to make a delicious dip-like paste. Super simple. Middle Eastern in origin (so it’s said – also spread to North African & Mediterranean), hummus gained considerable popularity in western culture, especially of late & now we’re seeing many…  [Read More]

grilled chicken with warm tomato, bean and bacon salad

It has rained & rained…& rained here in ‘sunny’ Florida for weeks on end. I love the rain, I find it soothing & productive. I can say that because thankfully we’re not under water like several suburbs around us are, poor souls. It’s not interfered with our lives too terribly apart from we’ve had to nab brief…  [Read More]

green beans with blue cheese, walnut & thyme butter

Second only to potatoes, green beans are my favorite veg. Nothing goes with perfectly steamed beans like butter does, especially if it’s a blue cheese, walnut & fresh thyme compound butter like this one. Be prepared to be dazzled. Seriously. This butter, besides taking mere seconds to make, is a flavorful masterpiece. As I mentioned, this…  [Read More]

southwestern chop salad with smoky lime dressing

This beautiful chop salad recipe was to be my attempt at a meatless Monday post but was thwarted thanks to a nasty case of stomach flu which had me laid-up in bed for the past two days. It’s now day three and I still don’t feel terribly fabulous. About all my stomach will allow at this stage is small sips…  [Read More]

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