slow cooker mexican beef pot roast

When I moved from Minnesota to Florida I stupidly threw away the slow cooker, thinking I rarely used it living in the frozen tundra, I sure wasn’t going to use it living in a sauna. I was wrong. Not only is it perfect for making my bi-monthly batches of chicken stock but it’s handy as……  [Read More]

Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers

My husband learned to make hamburgers when he was in the boy scouts & he still uses that same basic recipe, switching it up with slightly more exotic ingredients than his boy scout days of 40 years ago. Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers are the best, if not close to the best burgers I’ve eaten.…  [Read More]

greek-style barbecued lamb

Lamb is so quintessentially Australian (English, Kiwi & Greek too of course). I was raised on lamb. The best were a good spicy lamb curry cooked by my step-father & mum’s ‘baked dinner’ – a leg of lamb roasted with the crunchiest roasted potatoes in the world; wedges of sweet, bright-orange jap pumpkin; whole onions roasted to candy-like sweetness;…  [Read More]

asian bbq steak salad with wasabi ginger dressing

It’s a true pleasure to style and shoot pretty food. Fresh fruits and vegetables rock it better than most foods when it comes to having their picture taken. Like this Asian BBQ Salad with Wasabi Ginger Dressing. This salad not only tastes phenomenal, it looks gorgeous. And it’s wholesome, diet friendly and easy to throw together. I…  [Read More]

grilled eggplant with moroccan lamb & pomegranate

This recipe for grilled eggplant with Moroccan lamb, pomegranate & herb yogurt, was inspired by Dr. Michael Mosley’s – The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet. And although I’ve not made the recipe from his book, the ingredients in the title of his recipe inspired me –  lamb, eggplant & pomegranate. I gave a bit of a Moroccan flair…  [Read More]

sesame ginger beef & baby bok choy

Stir-frying isn’t just for strips of meat & chunks of veggies cut to perfect symmetry. Ground meat – beef, pork, chicken, turkey & lamb, are also excellent alternatives for stir-frying & often cheaper than your regular cuts of meat. This recipe is a great example of how ground meat can be utilized in a stir-fry.…  [Read More]

aussie meat pies

With a shortcrust pastry bottom, a puff pastry top and meat filling in thick gravy, the Aussie hand-held pie holds iconic status in my homeland.  Visit almost any small town or large city in Australia and you’re likely to find a pie shop. They’re sold almost everywhere. And we (Aussies) all love them. Now I’m…  [Read More]

beer onions, pastrami and cheese sandwich

I love a good sandwich, any time of the day. You can get totally creative or just simple – cucumber, tomato and onion is still one of my all-time favorite sandwiches. I love onions too. In or on almost anything. And beer. So a sandwich with onions cooked in beer, well I knew it was…  [Read More]

Asian-inspired beef pot roast

It’s the weather to be thinking about pot roasts, soups, stews and all things comforting and warming. When making pot roast I tend to lean more towards Mediterranean flavors. However my love of all food Asian made me want to change this pot roast up a bit, and I’m really pleased I did. It was…  [Read More]

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