roasted cherry chutney

A homemade chutney can elevate an ordinary piece of grilled or roasted meat to pretty darn sensational status. Especially when the chutney is my roasted cherry chutney. Perfect with pork, ham, wild boar, duck & beef. And cheese. It’s very good with an aged white cheddar or a creamy blue. And wine of course. 

hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing (& kitchen clean-out)

Monday is here again. How was your weekend? I’m feeling a little virtuous for a Monday morning because I’ve already got dinner planned & prepped for tonight – barbecued chicken & bacon salad with this damn, delicious hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing. All you do is throw some ripe avocado, orange & lime juice, garlic, mayo,…  [Read More]

sticky slow roasted tomatoes

Too early for tomato recipes? I know most of North America is slowly waking up from winter but here in Florida we had about two hours of winter then it was back to hell-fire hot. I was loitering about the fruit & veg stand the other day when I noticed a pretty display of Roma tomatoes.…  [Read More]

ploughman’s lunch plate

On a trip to England in October last year for my birthday, I was so delighted by how wonderful the food was, especially at the country pubs I visited. Especially the abundant use of locally raised & grown food. It’s how I love to cook & eat. One dish I saw often on menus was…  [Read More]

smoky carrot hummus

You all know hummus right? Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, spices & garlic all blitzed together to make a delicious dip-like paste. Super simple. Middle Eastern in origin (so it’s said – also spread to North African & Mediterranean), hummus gained considerable popularity in western culture, especially of late & now we’re seeing many…  [Read More]

beet & feta dip

I developed this beet & feta dip recipe because I wanted to have something to snack on with a glass of wine during the holiday season that wouldn’t have me veering completely off course with my diet renovation. It was a perfect way to consume about three pounds of veggies in one sitting. Dipping veggies…  [Read More]

sesame ginger dressing & 100 days to healthy

If you’ve ever eaten at a quasi-Japanese restaurant, chances are you’ve tried a simple garden salad with a really good ginger dressing. I love that dressing. My hubby & I eat copious amounts of salads (and Japanese food when we can) so I finally made a version of the dressing a couple of weeks ago & the results are…  [Read More]

lemon curd

Each September mum, John and I would make the long journey up to far north Queensland to visit John’s family –  that’s where he was born and raised. Apart from being car sick the whole way I loved making the trek from Sydney each year. We’d stay with grandma and grandpa, John’s parents. Grandma was a…  [Read More]

tomato cilantro salsa & pineapple lime margaritas

I know it’s only Tuesday but that means Monday is behind us and it’s ok to be planning for the coming weekend. The weather is warming up here in gloomy Minnesota which makes me think salsa and margaritas. This salsa recipe was shared with me by a Mexican friend of mine, he cooked it, I…  [Read More]

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