Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers

My husband learned to make hamburgers when he was in the boy scouts & he still uses that same basic recipe, switching it up with slightly more exotic ingredients than his boy scout days of 40 years ago. Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers are the best, if not close to the best burgers I’ve eaten.…  [Read More]

salmon & black bean salad with creamy citrus dressing

In the past, I’ve never been a big salmon fan, unless it was smoked. The tide is turning & I’ve been enjoying more fresh salmon cooked a variety of ways, grilled being my fave. Salmon is good for us, we all know that. And while it’s higher in calories than other fish, it’s health properties far…  [Read More]

grilled zucchini, walnut & feta salad

Because it’s such a healthy way of eating, I’ve been cooking Mediterranean inspired food this week, including this grilled zucchini, walnut & feta salad. Along with Mediterranean food, my latest obsession is finding a bra that actually fits & doesn’t have me oozing out all over the place like out of control bread dough. The bras that…  [Read More]

grilled jalapeno pork skewers with tropical salsa

Of all the cooking mediums, grilling meat over glowing charcoal is my favorite. Pork is particularly good to grill. For this recipe I bathed the pork in a really simple soy & garlic marinade. Then threaded it onto skewers with thick slices of jalapeno peppers. It’s then served with tropical salsa –  a delicious combination of pineapple, kiwifruit, orange &…  [Read More]

asian bbq steak salad with wasabi ginger dressing

It’s a true pleasure to style and shoot pretty food. Fresh fruits and vegetables rock it better than most foods when it comes to having their picture taken. Like this Asian BBQ Salad with Wasabi Ginger Dressing. This salad not only tastes phenomenal, it looks gorgeous. And it’s wholesome, diet friendly and easy to throw together. I…  [Read More]

grilled eggplant with moroccan lamb & pomegranate

This recipe for grilled eggplant with Moroccan lamb, pomegranate & herb yogurt, was inspired by Dr. Michael Mosley’s – The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet. And although I’ve not made the recipe from his book, the ingredients in the title of his recipe inspired me –  lamb, eggplant & pomegranate. I gave a bit of a Moroccan flair…  [Read More]

lemony dill cucumber salad

It came as no surprise when I flung opened the curtains somewhat bright & early Saturday morning, to find it was so black outside & getting ready to storm. Again. Florida, I’m done with your summer & the ungodly humidity. Anyway, storm it did & for most of the day, making shooting in natural light a little challenging. I like…  [Read More]

waldorf salad bruschetta with sugared walnuts

Growing up in Australia is about as far from New York as one could get, yet for special occasions – such as a party, a family barbie or picnic, my aunt would make Waldorf salad. As a child I didn’t fully comprehend the origin of this famous salad, I just knew it was from America…  [Read More]

grilled veggie gluten-free pasta salad

Pasta salads. They’ve never been my thing…until now. Instead of a thick, creamy dressing common to most pasta salads, I opted for a balsamic, basil & parmesan dressing with some sambal oelek (chili paste) for a little heat. The results were delish, making this a perfect salad for a relaxing summer barbie. What makes this salad…  [Read More]

balsamic chicken & strawberry salad with a side of menopausal musings

Chicken & strawberry salad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve either eaten it or you’ve seen it on a menu somewhere. This is my version &, all modesty aside, it’s delicious. I put lots of fragrant, sweet strawberries in this recipe because I love fruit in salads & strawberries are not only in season, they’re…  [Read More]

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