brown butter maple rosemary almonds

There are few snacks that pair as well with a glass of wine, a beer or cocktails, than nuts. Especially when they’re seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of salty heat & coated in nutty, browned butter; lemon zest; maple syrup & fresh rosemary.

spiced nuts

There’s much to love about nuts, apart from their obvious moreishness. Because of their high fat content they help to stabilize blood sugar, keep us satiated longer, contain lots of fiber, lower cholesterol & contain omega-3 fatty acids which of course are good for your heart, joints & most importantly…YOUR BRAIN. These spiced nuts are…  [Read More]

easy cherry yum-yum pie

With Christmas only a couple of days away & celebrations already underway, it seemed only fitting to share with you a cherry pie recipe that has been in my family for 60 years. This is the easiest pie you’ll ever make, & dare I say, the best. This is one of my all-time favorite desserts. To…  [Read More]

roasted cherry chutney

A homemade chutney can elevate an ordinary piece of grilled or roasted meat to pretty darn sensational status. Especially when the chutney is my roasted cherry chutney. Perfect with pork, ham, wild boar, duck & beef. And cheese. It’s very good with an aged white cheddar or a creamy blue. And wine of course. 

honey thyme roasted parsnips & pears

We all have our favorite go-to’s for weeknight dinners. One of those go-to meals in our house is pork shoulder chops cooked on the barbie over charcoal & served with roasted sweet potatoes & a green salad. It’s simple & delicious, taking little effort to prep & cook. Pork, wild boar & other wild meats are…  [Read More]

crunchy apple, fennel & pomegranate salad

All my Christmas shopping & wrapping is done. I just have to post the large box filled with gifts for my family back in Australia. It’s a relief to know that the decorating, shopping, wrapping & card writing is done. Now I can relax & contemplate our Christmas menu. Christmas is more laid back than…  [Read More]

beet & feta dip

I developed this beet & feta dip recipe because I wanted to have something to snack on with a glass of wine during the holiday season that wouldn’t have me veering completely off course with my diet renovation. It was a perfect way to consume about three pounds of veggies in one sitting. Dipping veggies…  [Read More]

roasted pumpkin, cranberry & spinach salad

Over the next couple of weeks you’re going to be seeing several pumpkin recipes here on my little corner of cyberspace. It’s coming up on the season for pumpkins, apples, mandarins, spices & all things warming & comforting. I was pretty excited to find cut pumpkin in an Asian grocery store my hubby & I regularly…  [Read More]

the best roasted potatoes with lemon oregano salt

My mum used to make the best, roasted potatoes. They were always really crisp on the outside – perfectly cooked. She’d serve them with roasted leg of lamb, assorted roasted veggies, homemade gravy, green peas & mint sauce. Mum’s roast lamb – or “baked dinner” as she always called it, will remain one of the best meals I’ve…  [Read More]

green beans with blue cheese, walnut & thyme butter

Second only to potatoes, green beans are my favorite veg. Nothing goes with perfectly steamed beans like butter does, especially if it’s a blue cheese, walnut & fresh thyme compound butter like this one. Be prepared to be dazzled. Seriously. This butter, besides taking mere seconds to make, is a flavorful masterpiece. As I mentioned, this…  [Read More]

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