green juice

Almost every day I drink fresh juice consisting mainly of vegetables with a little fruit added for flavor and creaminess (oranges). I have the juice for breakfast and sometimes lunch too, switching-up the ingredients from time to time. Contrary to what people think who don’t know about juicing but have an opinion about it anyway, no,…  [Read More]

power juice

To some making fresh juice every day is a bit of a pain. I get that. Although the more times you do it the more adept you become at it. Drinking fresh vegetable-fruit juice each day makes me feel better. I’m certain of it.  It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes start to finish.…  [Read More]

carrot & spinach juice

I’ve gone back to juicing every day again…it’s time. I feel so much better (& my skin looks better) when I guzzle down one of my nutrient-packed juice concoctions. I’ve had a 3-month break from it and now it’s time to dust off the juice extractor & get back to it again. For convenience, I…  [Read More]

post Thanksgiving detox juice

It’s easy around this time of year to throw caution completely to the wind and bask in the post thanksgiving over indulgence. To say “what the hell I’ve blown it now” and keep on indulging. The fridge is probably still full of goodies and Christmas is lurking just around the corner. Instead of using these…  [Read More]

The start…

I want to lose weight so I decided to do a juice fast. If you don’t count the apple I ate on day one I lasted 1 1/2 days. Dizziness and hunger overcame me. I broke the fast with a salad. I was disappointed, but let’s face it, I live and breathe food. When I’m…  [Read More]

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