Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers

My husband learned to make hamburgers when he was in the boy scouts & he still uses that same basic recipe, switching it up with slightly more exotic ingredients than his boy scout days of 40 years ago. Lawrence’s jalapeno blue cheese burgers are the best, if not close to the best burgers I’ve eaten.…  [Read More]

ploughman’s lunch plate

On a trip to England in October last year for my birthday, I was so delighted by how wonderful the food was, especially at the country pubs I visited. Especially the abundant use of locally raised & grown food. It’s how I love to cook & eat. One dish I saw often on menus was…  [Read More]

honey habanero salad dressing

I made this dressing a couple of weeks ago & I keep forgetting to post it, so here it is in all its glory. I had to share it because it pretty darn good. I love hot food & salads as some may have guessed, so a fiery salad dressing sounded pretty fabulous. I’m guessing…  [Read More]

crunchy grouper tacos with sweet slaw

‘Crunchy grouper tacos’, ‘crispy fish tacos’, ‘grouper throat tacos’, ‘crunchy cornflake fish tacos with sweet slaw & spicy creamy sauce’. That last one was my favorite but I thought it a little wordy for a recipe title. It’s all in a name right? These tacos could also be called – ‘the best fish tacos I’ve ever…  [Read More]

ham and sweet slaw rolls

I have three all-time favourite sandwich (or roll) fillings: peanut butter and honey combo; Crystal bay prawns, butter, salt and pepper and this one –  ham and sweet coleslaw. I’m not sure how popular ham and slaw sandwiches are across Australia but in my home back in Sydney, they were eaten almost every weekend, washed down with…  [Read More]

bacon, avocado & egg on toast

I’d always followed the golden rule with avocados & never cooked them. Recently though I’ve had them cooked and they’ve been good – granted they were cooked with bacon which might explain why they were so delicious. I love avocado on toast for breakfast simply sprinkled with salt and pepper -perfectly uncomplicated. That to me…  [Read More]

beer onions, pastrami and cheese sandwich

I love a good sandwich, any time of the day. You can get totally creative or just simple – cucumber, tomato and onion is still one of my all-time favorite sandwiches. I love onions too. In or on almost anything. And beer. So a sandwich with onions cooked in beer, well I knew it was…  [Read More]

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