5 recipes with asian meatballs

Before I tell you about these delicious meatballs, I wanted to let you know if you receive an email twice from me, apologies. I’m in the throes of changing to a new email system making things better for you, the subscriber (if you haven’t subscribed, check out the blue box top right column or bottom…  [Read More]

5 Southeast Asian soups you need to be making

There are few things more wholesome & comforting than a steaming bowl of soup. If that soup happens to take its flavor inspiration from Southeast Asia, better yet. To celebrate National Soup Day, here is my quick, cheat’s version of hot & sour shrimp soup plus a few others you have to try. All soups…  [Read More]

spinach, bean & white cheddar soup

I think I need to add a disclaimer to this post: It’s Father’s Day in the northern hemisphere & I have been drinking – margaritas no less – skinny ones but still…I’ve never posted under the influence so be prepared! As a supportive wife, it only seems right to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband,…  [Read More]

pork, spinach & coconut curry

You’d assume the people of ungodly hot places would eat foods that don’t require much cooking. Yet in hot countries like India, spicy-hot food is consumed to aid in sweating which in turn helps to cool the body. When I did the research for an Indian cookbook I co-wrote back in the 90’s, I discovered the…  [Read More]

anise chicken noodle soup

After my one indulgent day yesterday with our Easter feast, today’s food needed to be lighter. This anise chicken noodle soup was just the thing for a grey day & to settle a stomach that’s been asking me since lunch time yesterday “what the hell happened?”. I know stomach, I’m sorry. 

spicy shakshuka, avocado & beans

Shakshuka, roughly translated, is an Israeli egg recipe but its origins are North African, Tunisia to be precise. Eggs are cracked into a spicy tomato sauce and baked until the whites are set and the yolks are still golden & runny. I’ve given it a little Mexicano flair adding smoked paprika for that adoboesque smoky flavor,…  [Read More]

pumpkin & coconut thai curry soup

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ask almost any Australian what is the most popular soup in their homeland & chances are they’ll tell you it’s pumpkin soup. Like it or love it, it’s certainly an Aussie icon. It’s evolved over the years as food trends changed. In its simplest form it’s onion – sweated in some oil or…  [Read More]

roasted pumpkin, cauliflower & spinach curry

I’m ready for autumn, or fall as it’s called here. Falltumn. Actually I’ve been ready for falltumn since…March. It’s not just the respite from the unrelenting Florida heat I’m looking forward to…it’s the food & the cooking of soups, stews & roasts; being able to open windows & doors to let some fresh air in;…  [Read More]

pea and ham soup

Certainly not the sexiest or the trendiest of soups, pea and ham soup is GOOD!!! I don’t need on-trend food but I definitely crave wholesome, filling, easy & affordable. Plus this is a great way to use the leftover ham bone that has been lurking in the freezer. Ham, split peas, veggies & broth. That’s it. Somehow, those…  [Read More]

4 ingredient apricot chicken

After dad left us when my sister was 15 and I was six there were several years mum was raising us on her own – and she worked full time. Looking back now I appreciate how hard this must have been even with the help of my nana who we lived with. Mum always made us…  [Read More]

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