bacon-wrapped chicken with broccoli alfredo sauce

This is from a post back in 2015 but it’s so good I had to share again. My blog is still limping along waiting to be fixed so until then I will hunting through the archives to find some of my favorites. This might be a little higher on calories because of the fat but…  [Read More]

slow cooked ribs provencal

Fall-off-the-bone ribs, succulent from several hours slowly cooking in a wine, garlic, rosemary & tomato sauce, served simply with some steamed veggies…these are GOOD!!!!! Once cooked & cooled, the ribs, bathing in their sauce, go into the fridge overnight to allow any fat to solidify & be easily removed. Then it’s as simple as popping the ribs…  [Read More]

sweet ‘n’ crunchy cabbage salad

My family has been making this salad for years. Let’s see…I’ve lived away from my homeland for almost 15 years & I was making it long before I left. So I’m going to say it’s at least a 20-year favorite. It’s been a hit not just because of its simplicity & ease of making but because of…  [Read More]

sesame ginger beef & baby bok choy

Stir-frying isn’t just for strips of meat & chunks of veggies cut to perfect symmetry. Ground meat – beef, pork, chicken, turkey & lamb, are also excellent alternatives for stir-frying & often cheaper than your regular cuts of meat. This recipe is a great example of how ground meat can be utilized in a stir-fry.…  [Read More]

coconut lime gluten-free muffins

Since I’ve been eating gluten-free I’ve had some, shall we say, interesting moments in the kitchen. Several loaves of what was to be bread, have hit the garbage. Thankfully there are some decent gluten-free breads available to buy, this is what I resorted to. Not one to give up so easily, I’m determined to get it…  [Read More]

sticky roasted carrots

Bugs Bunny was really onto something. Carrots are a powerhouse of nutrients & antioxidants. Touted as a superfood, eating carrots regularly is said to promote good vision – especially night vision, & fight cancer-causing free radicals with their antioxidant properties. And apart from all the wonderful health benefits, they’re cheap to buy & easy to…  [Read More]

florida musings & day 3

It’s been a year since Lozza & I made the decision to give up good jobs in Minnesota, pack up our lives, say goodbye to Lozza’s kids & goof friends we’d made & drive the 3000 miles to Florida to live. Florida –  state of swamps, 20 million people (that number swells during the cooler months),…  [Read More]

balsamic chicken & strawberry salad with a side of menopausal musings

Chicken & strawberry salad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve either eaten it or you’ve seen it on a menu somewhere. This is my version &, all modesty aside, it’s delicious. I put lots of fragrant, sweet strawberries in this recipe because I love fruit in salads & strawberries are not only in season, they’re…  [Read More]

coconut, white chocolate & passionfruit syrup muffins

Be still my beating heart, three of some of my favorite things to eat all in one sticky, sweet muffin. Coconut. White chocolate. And passionfruit or “passion fruit” as Americans write it. I enjoy making muffins – you can add pretty much anything to them. They’re low maintenance & a lot less pretentious than their…  [Read More]

a journey home

Last week I arrived home into the US after the long haul back from Australia. It was a tough trip that got off to a shaky start. The day I was due to fly home to Australia to take care of pressing family business, I said to my husband as he dropped me at Tampa airport  –…  [Read More]

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