roasted cherry chutney

A homemade chutney can elevate an ordinary piece of grilled or roasted meat to pretty darn sensational status. Especially when the chutney is my roasted cherry chutney. Perfect with pork, ham, wild boar, duck & beef. And cheese. It’s very good with an aged white cheddar or a creamy blue. And wine of course. 

florida musings & day 3

It’s been a year since Lozza & I made the decision to give up good jobs in Minnesota, pack up our lives, say goodbye to Lozza’s kids & goof friends we’d made & drive the 3000 miles to Florida to live. Florida –  state of swamps, 20 million people (that number swells during the cooler months),…  [Read More]

how to make salt & pepper squid

Toss crunchy-coated, perfectly cooked squid (or calamari) together with a hedonistic spice mix and you have a simple but very fabulous appetizer. All it could possibly need is a spritz of lemon and it’s ready to be gobbled-up by hungry guests. It’s a cringe-worthy moment for me when I hear someone say they don’t like…  [Read More]

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