mustard maple salad with beetkraut

This week I’ve lost 3.8 kilos. For the metrically challenged, that’s just over 8 pounds. And I’ve eaten really well doing it. Here’s one of my recipes from this week’s kick-ass, lose weight menu – mustard maple salad with beetkraut. It goes like this: Fresh salmon is brushed with a little maple syrup & hot mustard then…  [Read More]

sticky pork & pear stir-fry

Pork pairs beautifully with fruit – fresh & dried: Apples, grapes, raisins, apricots, prunes, peaches & today…pears. A few weeks ago I won a lovely box of pears from the terrific people at Northwest US pears. They chose my honey thyme roasted parsnip & pears recipe as a winner in a competition they were having on Instagram. Exciting! Even…  [Read More]

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