spicy pickled shrimp

Shrimp are cheaper than steak, low in calories, cook in seconds & go from a simple grill to a spicy curry, an appetizer to a main meal, effortlessly. This spicy pickled shrimp recipe makes a perfect make-ahead appetizer & it fits snuggly into my diet renovation plan.  If I had to choose a short list…  [Read More]

slow roasted tomato & arugula salad

If you’ve never roasted tomatoes in the oven for hours then marinated them in garlic, balsamic & olive oil…you must! Slow roasting tomatoes draws out their moisture & intensifies their flavor.  You’re rewarded with a sweet, heavenly concentration of tomato goodness. The simple balsamic marinade only intensifies their flavor. I’m a believer that often the simplest…  [Read More]

tomato, prosciutto and arugula salad

It’s been weeks since I’ve shown my face around here but I have a very good excuse – we moved. Yes. Again. As in packed-up-all-our-worldly-belongings-into-boxes-then-loaded-them-onto-a-truck-and-unpacked-them-at-our-new-place moved. Mind boggling isn’t it? As if moving isn’t horrendous enough but doing it twice in eight months is staggering, no exaggeration. We were exhausted for days – weeks even,…  [Read More]

how to make salt & pepper squid

Toss crunchy-coated, perfectly cooked squid (or calamari) together with a hedonistic spice mix and you have a simple but very fabulous appetizer. All it could possibly need is a spritz of lemon and it’s ready to be gobbled-up by hungry guests. It’s a cringe-worthy moment for me when I hear someone say they don’t like…  [Read More]

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