salmon & black bean salad with creamy citrus dressing

In the past, I’ve never been a big salmon fan, unless it was smoked. The tide is turning & I’ve been enjoying more fresh salmon cooked a variety of ways, grilled being my fave. Salmon is good for us, we all know that. And while it’s higher in calories than other fish, it’s health properties far…  [Read More]

hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing (& kitchen clean-out)

Monday is here again. How was your weekend? I’m feeling a little virtuous for a Monday morning because I’ve already got dinner planned & prepped for tonight – barbecued chicken & bacon salad with this damn, delicious hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing. All you do is throw some ripe avocado, orange & lime juice, garlic, mayo,…  [Read More]

spicy shakshuka, avocado & beans

Shakshuka, roughly translated, is an Israeli egg recipe but its origins are North African, Tunisia to be precise. Eggs are cracked into a spicy tomato sauce and baked until the whites are set and the yolks are still golden & runny. I’ve given it a little Mexicano flair adding smoked paprika for that adoboesque smoky flavor,…  [Read More]

southwestern chop salad with smoky lime dressing

This beautiful chop salad recipe was to be my attempt at a meatless Monday post but was thwarted thanks to a nasty case of stomach flu which had me laid-up in bed for the past two days. It’s now day three and I still don’t feel terribly fabulous. About all my stomach will allow at this stage is small sips…  [Read More]

roasted tomato corn salad

Summertime in the northern hemisphere and the corn and tomatoes are plentiful. Together in a salad or a salsa they’re quite a masterful combination. I wanted something quick and easy for a weeknight dinner. It was storming so grilling was out of the question. I rummaged through our fridge and this delicious and pretty salad…  [Read More]

bacon, avocado & egg on toast

I’d always followed the golden rule with avocados & never cooked them. Recently though I’ve had them cooked and they’ve been good – granted they were cooked with bacon which might explain why they were so delicious. I love avocado on toast for breakfast simply sprinkled with salt and pepper -perfectly uncomplicated. That to me…  [Read More]

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