Smoky Bacon Squash Noodles

You’ve seen veggie noodles haven’t you? They’re made using a spriralizer gadget. More often than not it’s zucchini that’s used to make endlessly long strands of noodles in the hopes of being a stand-in for traditional pasta. Butternut squash is perfect for spiralizing: not only because of its girth – the wider the vegetable the better…  [Read More]

one pan creamy sundried tomato chicken

I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I do love cheese & occasionally I like to cook with cream to make a sumptuous sauce. This recipe is one of those times. Cream is very forgiving in a sauce, letting you boil it without the sauce splitting, cream brings flavors together brilliantly & satiates our palettes. This…  [Read More]

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