beet, orange & fennel salad

Several years ago my hubby was doing the majority of the cooking & we ate salads almost every weeknight. It was fantastic. Next thing I’d lost eight kilos. Hang-on, quick calculation here…okay, 17 pounds. Looking back now it seemed so effortless (largely in part due to the fact I didn’t have to cook). Fast forward to…  [Read More]

beet & feta dip

I developed this beet & feta dip recipe because I wanted to have something to snack on with a glass of wine during the holiday season that wouldn’t have me veering completely off course with my diet renovation. It was a perfect way to consume about three pounds of veggies in one sitting. Dipping veggies…  [Read More]

beet, caramelized onion & goat cheese bruschetta

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have fun and frivolity planned for the weekend, I certainly do…and a lot of cooking. Just a quick post to share with you – a lovely little appetizer I thought would be perfect served with some weekend cocktails. Yes please! Now before the purists jump all over me, I know…  [Read More]

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