day 2 & coconut fruit breakfast

There’s all sorts of opinions out there on breakfast. What’s good, what’s bad & everything in between. A lot of what a person has for breakfast is determined by time, ingredients on hand, dietary restrictions, taste (of course) & money. The old adage “eat like a king for breakfast…” has never held much merit for me…  [Read More]

little fruit & spice breakfast cakes

The feeling of deprivation is more often than not the reason why most of us throw in the towel when it comes to dieting. Sadly when we’re trying to get into shape, lose a little or a lot of weight or just eat healthier we feel that means forgoing the foods we love. If you’re…  [Read More]

beer & bacon pancakes

Pancakes were one of the first things I learnt to cook as a child. I’d get up before everyone else on a Sunday morning and make the most god-awful mess in our tiny kitchen. Once I even set the curtains on fire. Thankfully I didn’t burn the house down. The curtains were a little worse…  [Read More]

bacon, avocado & egg on toast

I’d always followed the golden rule with avocados & never cooked them. Recently though I’ve had them cooked and they’ve been good – granted they were cooked with bacon which might explain why they were so delicious. I love avocado on toast for breakfast simply sprinkled with salt and pepper -perfectly uncomplicated. That to me…  [Read More]

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