spicy shakshuka, avocado & beans

Shakshuka, roughly translated, is an Israeli egg recipe but its origins are North African, Tunisia to be precise. Eggs are cracked into a spicy tomato sauce and baked until the whites are set and the yolks are still golden & runny. I’ve given it a little Mexicano flair adding smoked paprika for that adoboesque smoky flavor,…  [Read More]

sweet potato bread french toast – gluten-free

As I delve further into a wheat-free way of life I’m discovering some really great combinations of flavors I might not have tried had I not embarked on this journey. Wanting French toast last weekend, I came up with this sweet potato bread recipe that is moist & kissed with just a little sweetness. It made excellent French…  [Read More]

pineapple, strawberry & coconut crumble

Ordinarily, I might not pair strawberry and pineapple together in anything other a fruit salad and only because I was using whatever fruit I happened to have on hand. But it’s strawberry season in Florida and they’re cheap & plentiful. So are the pineapples – $1.28 each. Can you believe that?! I’ve paid $7 for a pineapple…  [Read More]

summer breakfast

Eating a varied diet means you get lots of different nutrients. This is a good thing. When I’m ‘dieting’ though I find it much easy to keep track of my calories when I’m eating roughly the same foods each day. It makes shopping easier, and is often cheaper, more importantly it keeps me accountable. My…  [Read More]

crunchy waffle breaded chicken & gravy

I tried chicken and waffles on a trip out to Cody, Wyoming in 2012 with my honey. Thanks to the potato chips with the same flavor I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When it comes to food I’ll try just about anything so I was delighted to see chicken and waffles…  [Read More]

beer & bacon pancakes

Pancakes were one of the first things I learnt to cook as a child. I’d get up before everyone else on a Sunday morning and make the most god-awful mess in our tiny kitchen. Once I even set the curtains on fire. Thankfully I didn’t burn the house down. The curtains were a little worse…  [Read More]

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