chocolate date, cashew & coconut balls & day 1 of 100

Day 1 of my 100 days to healthy & if I’m eliminating wheat, dairy & sugar from my diet I’m going to need a back-up plan when my sweet craving hits around 2 PM each day. Fresh fruit just isn’t going to cut it. Enter these yummy little morsels I made. Plump Medjool dates, cashews & coconut…  [Read More]

pork & cashew satay with cucumber radish salad

Satay hails from South East Asia – primarily Malaysia & Indonesia. It’s meat on sticks, grilled & often served with peanut sauce. I don’t eat peanuts any more & as many know, I have a love affair with cashews. So instead of the obligatory peanuts in my satay sauce, I used roasted cashews. The result was delicious. The cashew satay…  [Read More]

orange cashew chicken

This snappy chicken recipe is a cinch to make and takes less than 30 minutes. I whipped it up for lunch over the weekend for my husband and me. Feel free to serve with some steamed jasmine rice if you like. As much as I’m a rice lover this was nice just wrapped in the lettuce…  [Read More]

chicken, spinach & orange salad with wasabi sesame dressing

Let me start by saying this salad is delicious and you need to make it. It’s so good in fact I made it twice in three days…and we’re having it again tonight for dinner. It’s easy, even for those cooking-challenged people. All the ingredients are easy to find. It’s very pretty. And it’s good for…  [Read More]

chicken & cashew stir fry

Sydney, Australia has one of the largest and most vibrant Chinatowns in the world. As a child going out for Chinese food, especially in Chinatown, was a thrill that I still feel today when I go out to eat at a decent Chinese restaurant. My step dad and a Chinese waiter taught me to use…  [Read More]

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