rainbow sushi (grain-free)

Those who know me know I’m not into foo-foo names, such as “rainbow sushi”. And, this recipe isn’t really sushi, but…it does have a rainbow of veggie colors that are rolled up in sheets of nori (seaweed). The name seemed apt. This is not only a cool way to get your kids to eat their…  [Read More]

one pan creamy sundried tomato chicken

I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I do love cheese & occasionally I like to cook with cream to make a sumptuous sauce. This recipe is one of those times. Cream is very forgiving in a sauce, letting you boil it without the sauce splitting, cream brings flavors together brilliantly & satiates our palettes. This…  [Read More]

bacon-wrapped chicken with broccoli alfredo sauce

This is from a post back in 2015 but it’s so good I had to share again. My blog is still limping along waiting to be fixed so until then I will hunting through the archives to find some of my favorites. This might be a little higher on calories because of the fat but…  [Read More]

grilled chicken with warm tomato, bean and bacon salad

It has rained & rained…& rained here in ‘sunny’ Florida for weeks on end. I love the rain, I find it soothing & productive. I can say that because thankfully we’re not under water like several suburbs around us are, poor souls. It’s not interfered with our lives too terribly apart from we’ve had to nab brief…  [Read More]

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