how to make THE best roasted chicken

Don’t we all desire the same things in a roasted chicken – to be cooked thoroughly, with juicy meat & crispy skin? Rather than merely plonking the whole chicken into a roasting pan, if you butterfly (also called spatchcock) the chicken first, it will cook faster & evenly giving you properly cooked thighs & really succulent breast meat. Never…  [Read More]

thai chicken cakes with sweet cucumber salad

If you’re anything like me & absolutely love Thai food, then you’ve probably eaten Thai fish cakes. Instead of using fish, I opted for inexpensive ground chicken. Same flavors, different protein. Ground chicken works brilliantly in all sorts of recipes – this recipe is a perfect example. These are so good you’ll just want to…  [Read More]

sticky baked chicken with cucumber peanut salad

The ease of throwing chicken into a baking dish amid splashes of sweet & salty sauces with an end result of something flavorful & tender holds much appeal to me. Served with a crunchy salad & steamed jasmine rice & not only is dinner made but there’s also leftovers for both our lunches the next day.…  [Read More]

4 ingredient apricot chicken

After dad left us when my sister was 15 and I was six there were several years mum was raising us on her own – and she worked full time. Looking back now I appreciate how hard this must have been even with the help of my nana who we lived with. Mum always made us…  [Read More]

not so fattening chicken and dumplings

My husband bought me low fat Greek yogurt the other day. I said “does this look like the body of someone who likes low-fat anything?” (picture stage dramatics). Apparently that was all the plain Greek yogurt the store had. I accidentally bought fat-free milk for his iced coffee a couple of days before that, it…  [Read More]

crunchy waffle breaded chicken & gravy

I tried chicken and waffles on a trip out to Cody, Wyoming in 2012 with my honey. Thanks to the potato chips with the same flavor I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When it comes to food I’ll try just about anything so I was delighted to see chicken and waffles…  [Read More]

cookbooks by Lovoni Walker

Lovoni Walker has co-written over 60 cookbooks. Simple, Fresh Delicious was published by her company in 2005 and from it spawned television cooking show ‘simple, fresh, delicious’ aired nationally in Canada on OWN. Published in 2005, simple, fresh, delicious was written for the harried cook in mind. 85 recipes all photographed to get you back…  [Read More]

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