chicken, spinach & feta meatballs

Meatballs – YES!!! Be still my beating heart! Little bite-size morsels of meat goodness have always been a favorite of mine but something I didn’t make very often because I considered them a little fiddly. Not anymore. I have an easy method, nothing earth shattering but it seems to take a fraction of the time than it…  [Read More]

bacon-wrapped chicken with broccoli alfredo sauce

This is from a post back in 2015 but it’s so good I had to share again. My blog is still limping along waiting to be fixed so until then I will hunting through the archives to find some of my favorites. This might be a little higher on calories because of the fat but…  [Read More]

chicken, asparagus & baby corn stir-fry

Stir-fries are easy to make, they can be ready in a flash & you can add almost anything to them. To make them you really just need the basics: A decent wok, a good heat source (gas is best), a good, sharp knife & a stir-fry spoon. The trick to a good stir-fry – apart from…  [Read More]

chicken avocado blt salad with homemade ranch dressing

Panera Bread make a really yummy turkey, avocado blt sandwich using sourdough bread & it was the inspiration for this salad…minus the turkey…and the bread. I was craving their sandwich but I had neither turkey or bread & zero inclination to pop out to the store. Instead I whipped up this simple, scrumptious salad with ingredients I had…  [Read More]

orange cashew chicken

This snappy chicken recipe is a cinch to make and takes less than 30 minutes. I whipped it up for lunch over the weekend for my husband and me. Feel free to serve with some steamed jasmine rice if you like. As much as I’m a rice lover this was nice just wrapped in the lettuce…  [Read More]

grilled chicken, blue cheese & bacon salad

I’m on a quest to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Contrary to popular belief it isn’t expensive like I’ve heard a few annoying people say.  Four bags of produce at my local fruit stand sets my hubby and I back around $45. This lasts the two of us a week. For snacks my hubby takes…  [Read More]

crunchy waffle breaded chicken & gravy

I tried chicken and waffles on a trip out to Cody, Wyoming in 2012 with my honey. Thanks to the potato chips with the same flavor I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. When it comes to food I’ll try just about anything so I was delighted to see chicken and waffles…  [Read More]

lemon caper chicken with spicy roasted garbanzo beans

I was craving something to eat that was Mediterranean in flavor, quick and easy to make, of course delicious and with just the right amount of heat. From those cravings this recipe was born. And it’s definitely going to be added to our household favorite recipes. I will also make it for company because it…  [Read More]

chicken & cashew stir fry

Sydney, Australia has one of the largest and most vibrant Chinatowns in the world. As a child going out for Chinese food, especially in Chinatown, was a thrill that I still feel today when I go out to eat at a decent Chinese restaurant. My step dad and a Chinese waiter taught me to use…  [Read More]

chicken sausage, bean and spinach soup

Undertaking any sort of regime , especially a ‘getting back in shape’ one requires some planning. A wholesome, healthy eating plan certainly demands some thought into what you’re eating for the day or days ahead. Having good-for-you food on hand can help me stick to my plan better. It’s not foolproof but it helps. If…  [Read More]

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