grain-free cranberry, nut & seed granola

There are many things I’d rather do than housework so please excuse the dust in here, it’s been weeks since I’ve posted & I’m sure the place is in need of a good cleaning. And you’ve thoroughly missed me haven’t you? Haven’t you? I know you have!  The excuses for my non-posting tardiness: Firstly, we had guests stay &…  [Read More]

sensational dairy-free chocolate ice creams

Take the dairy & sugar out of ice cream & what do you have left…eggs…& maybe flavoring masquerading as vanilla? These ice creams are without the ingredients that actually make ice cream so good & they were delicious. So I have to say I was impressed – hence the title “sensational”, they deserve it. I’m now…  [Read More]

chocolate date, cashew & coconut balls & day 1 of 100

Day 1 of my 100 days to healthy & if I’m eliminating wheat, dairy & sugar from my diet I’m going to need a back-up plan when my sweet craving hits around 2 PM each day. Fresh fruit just isn’t going to cut it. Enter these yummy little morsels I made. Plump Medjool dates, cashews & coconut…  [Read More]

raspberry & nectarine crumble sundae

Summer fruit. What’s not to love. I had a giant bowl of nectarines ripening a couple of weeks back & their aroma filled the kitchen. I had to make something with them. I love stone fruit & berries together. I also love a good fruit crumble (or crisp)  – but I consider that something I’d make more into…  [Read More]

pineapple, strawberry & coconut crumble

Ordinarily, I might not pair strawberry and pineapple together in anything other a fruit salad and only because I was using whatever fruit I happened to have on hand. But it’s strawberry season in Florida and they’re cheap & plentiful. So are the pineapples – $1.28 each. Can you believe that?! I’ve paid $7 for a pineapple…  [Read More]

caramel chocolate bars

With a buttery coconut base, a soft caramel filling and a thin layer of dark chocolate blanketing it all, there’s lots to love about this decadent recipe. Mum made this regularly for the soirees she and John often had. I would watch from the sidelines as mum was cooking it, jigging around eagerly awaiting a taste of the molten hot…  [Read More]

coconut lime cupcakes

I found this recipe in a Donna Hay magazine recently. The recipe grabbed my attention because the main ingredient is on my top five favorite food list – coconut. Not to mention coconut and lime epitomize summer. And it certainly is feeling very tropical here in Florida. I’ve tested this recipe a few times and…  [Read More]

ANZAC biscuits

Anzac biscuits with their buttery, treacle-like taste are high on my favorite Sweet Morsels to Eat list  a list that is both long and distinguished. Before I go any further some clarification needs to happen here though…what North Americans call “cookies”, in Australia are known as biscuits. Not to be confused with what Americans call…  [Read More]

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