lemony dill cucumber salad

It came as no surprise when I flung opened the curtains somewhat bright & early Saturday morning, to find it was so black outside & getting ready to storm. Again. Florida, I’m done with your summer & the ungodly humidity. Anyway, storm it did & for most of the day, making shooting in natural light a little challenging. I like…  [Read More]

pork & cashew satay with cucumber radish salad

Satay hails from South East Asia – primarily Malaysia & Indonesia. It’s meat on sticks, grilled & often served with peanut sauce. I don’t eat peanuts any more & as many know, I have a love affair with cashews. So instead of the obligatory peanuts in my satay sauce, I used roasted cashews. The result was delicious. The cashew satay…  [Read More]

sweet cucumber salad

Crisp, cool cucumbers optimize summer. As I slice them their fresh aroma fills the house & I love that smell. Sadly it was missing from my life for nine long years thanks to a partner who despised both their taste & smell so I didn’t eat them either. I like cucumbers so I got rid of him…  [Read More]

sticky baked chicken with cucumber peanut salad

The ease of throwing chicken into a baking dish amid splashes of sweet & salty sauces with an end result of something flavorful & tender holds much appeal to me. Served with a crunchy salad & steamed jasmine rice & not only is dinner made but there’s also leftovers for both our lunches the next day.…  [Read More]

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