seed & nut bread

Have you ever tried gluten-free bread & thought: oh this is pretty awful? Or been shocked at the cost of a tiny loaf? I have. Over the years I’ve tested countless recipes I’ve found in cookbooks & online as well as developing my own recipes in search of a good gluten-free breakfast bread. My parameters:…  [Read More]

chocolate date, cashew & coconut balls & day 1 of 100

Day 1 of my 100 days to healthy & if I’m eliminating wheat, dairy & sugar from my diet I’m going to need a back-up plan when my sweet craving hits around 2 PM each day. Fresh fruit just isn’t going to cut it. Enter these yummy little morsels I made. Plump Medjool dates, cashews & coconut…  [Read More]

moroccan-inspired carrot & date salad

I’m sitting here writing this post feeling quite virtuous: I’ve taken Mango and Finn for a walk, I’ve been for a bike ride along the beach, drunk my green vegetable juice and I’m now enjoying a bowl of fresh Florida strawberries. It’s strawberry season here so they’re plentiful and inexpensive. And they’re my breakfast most mornings…  [Read More]

sticky date and toffee cake

You probably don’t think Valentine’s Day dessert and consider a date cake. You probably think strawberries and chocolate. Unless you’re me and married to a man who doesn’t like chocolate (I didn’t realize people who didn’t like chocolate even existed until I met my husband). Without sounding like a total killjoy, it’s winter, not strawberry season…  [Read More]

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