Smoky Bacon Squash Noodles

You’ve seen veggie noodles haven’t you? They’re made using a spriralizer gadget. More often than not it’s zucchini that’s used to make endlessly long strands of noodles in the hopes of being a stand-in for traditional pasta. Butternut squash is perfect for spiralizing: not only because of its girth – the wider the vegetable the better…  [Read More]

seed & nut bread

Have you ever tried gluten-free bread & thought: oh this is pretty awful? Or been shocked at the cost of a tiny loaf? I have. Over the years I’ve tested countless recipes I’ve found in cookbooks & online as well as developing my own recipes in search of a good gluten-free breakfast bread. My parameters:…  [Read More]

cherry hemp chocolate clusters

We’ve all said it – “I’ll start my diet when _____ (insert here whatever occurrence is happening in your future life)”. It could be: You’ll start your diet after your friend has visited. Maybe after your birthday. Christmas. Winter. The list of excuses is endless. I know because I’ve got the War & Peace equivalent…  [Read More]

sticky pork & pear stir-fry

Pork pairs beautifully with fruit – fresh & dried: Apples, grapes, raisins, apricots, prunes, peaches & today…pears. A few weeks ago I won a lovely box of pears from the terrific people at Northwest US pears. They chose my honey thyme roasted parsnip & pears recipe as a winner in a competition they were having on Instagram. Exciting! Even…  [Read More]

crunchy apple, fennel & pomegranate salad

All my Christmas shopping & wrapping is done. I just have to post the large box filled with gifts for my family back in Australia. It’s a relief to know that the decorating, shopping, wrapping & card writing is done. Now I can relax & contemplate our Christmas menu. Christmas is more laid back than…  [Read More]

parmesan pork meatballs with spicy tomato basil sauce

Life has been busy. Work. Family matters. Illness. I’ve not posted in a couple of weeks. But here I am now & with a really easy, inexpensive & very scrummy recipe to share. I know I posted a meatball recipe not that long ago but meatballs are so great to cook & freeze for times…  [Read More]

roasted pumpkin, cauliflower & spinach curry

I’m ready for autumn, or fall as it’s called here. Falltumn. Actually I’ve been ready for falltumn since…March. It’s not just the respite from the unrelenting Florida heat I’m looking forward to…it’s the food & the cooking of soups, stews & roasts; being able to open windows & doors to let some fresh air in;…  [Read More]

gluten-free coconut waffle shrimp

A couple of years ago my hubby & I visited Miami to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We were living in Minnesota at the time & relished the idea of beach, heat & fresh seafood Miami has to offer. We’d sit at a tiki bar sipping on cocktails & eating pounds of coconut shrimp. Back in Minnesota we continued…  [Read More]

coconut lime gluten-free muffins

Since I’ve been eating gluten-free I’ve had some, shall we say, interesting moments in the kitchen. Several loaves of what was to be bread, have hit the garbage. Thankfully there are some decent gluten-free breads available to buy, this is what I resorted to. Not one to give up so easily, I’m determined to get it…  [Read More]

lemony chicken sausage & spinach pasta – gluten-free

It’s rained all weekend here in sunny, steamy Florida. I love the rain. There’s something cozy & comforting about rainy days. Plus I find then very productive: I concentrate better & enjoy knuckling down getting things done when it’s gloomy out. It was this stormy weather that prompted me to whip up a scrummy pasta dish for lunch.…  [Read More]

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