green juice

Almost every day I drink fresh juice consisting mainly of vegetables with a little fruit added for flavor and creaminess (oranges). I have the juice for breakfast and sometimes lunch too, switching-up the ingredients from time to time. Contrary to what people think who don’t know about juicing but have an opinion about it anyway, no,…  [Read More]

power juice

To some making fresh juice every day is a bit of a pain. I get that. Although the more times you do it the more adept you become at it. Drinking fresh vegetable-fruit juice each day makes me feel better. I’m certain of it.  It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes start to finish.…  [Read More]

carrot & spinach juice

I’ve gone back to juicing every day again…it’s time. I feel so much better (& my skin looks better) when I guzzle down one of my nutrient-packed juice concoctions. I’ve had a 3-month break from it and now it’s time to dust off the juice extractor & get back to it again. For convenience, I…  [Read More]

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