parmesan hemp pork schnitzel with caper butter

Of all the natural resources on this planet, hemp is one of the most renewable, environmentally sound & hardy. Not to mention it’s a jack-of-all-trades –  used to make apparel, paper, building materials, automotives, rope…the list is long & impressive. We need to be growing more of it, unlike trees it’s fast growing with little impact…  [Read More]

lemony dill cucumber salad

It came as no surprise when I flung opened the curtains somewhat bright & early Saturday morning, to find it was so black outside & getting ready to storm. Again. Florida, I’m done with your summer & the ungodly humidity. Anyway, storm it did & for most of the day, making shooting in natural light a little challenging. I like…  [Read More]

lemon curd

Each September mum, John and I would make the long journey up to far north Queensland to visit John’s family –  that’s where he was born and raised. Apart from being car sick the whole way I loved making the trek from Sydney each year. We’d stay with grandma and grandpa, John’s parents. Grandma was a…  [Read More]

lemon curd cheescake

Most houses where I grew up in Sydney had a lemon tree in the backyard. We used lemon in so many things both sweet and savory. So it’s no surprise that I love lemon in many of the recipes I cook. I especially love lemon curd. In desserts, or spread on buttered toast for breakfast,…  [Read More]

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