roasted squash, orange & avocado salad

This gorgeous roasted squash, orange, avocado, chick pea & jalapeno salad with its smoky cilantro dressing isn’t just sunshiny pretty, this salad is loaded with the life-giving goodness of Vitamin C.

hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing (& kitchen clean-out)

Monday is here again. How was your weekend? I’m feeling a little virtuous for a Monday morning because I’ve already got dinner planned & prepped for tonight – barbecued chicken & bacon salad with this damn, delicious hot & creamy citrus avocado dressing. All you do is throw some ripe avocado, orange & lime juice, garlic, mayo,…  [Read More]

honey habanero salad dressing

I made this dressing a couple of weeks ago & I keep forgetting to post it, so here it is in all its glory. I had to share it because it pretty darn good. I love hot food & salads as some may have guessed, so a fiery salad dressing sounded pretty fabulous. I’m guessing…  [Read More]

sesame ginger dressing & 100 days to healthy

If you’ve ever eaten at a quasi-Japanese restaurant, chances are you’ve tried a simple garden salad with a really good ginger dressing. I love that dressing. My hubby & I eat copious amounts of salads (and Japanese food when we can) so I finally made a version of the dressing a couple of weeks ago & the results are…  [Read More]

chicken, spinach & orange salad with wasabi sesame dressing

Let me start by saying this salad is delicious and you need to make it. It’s so good in fact I made it twice in three days…and we’re having it again tonight for dinner. It’s easy, even for those cooking-challenged people. All the ingredients are easy to find. It’s very pretty. And it’s good for…  [Read More]

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