beet, orange & fennel salad

Several years ago my hubby was doing the majority of the cooking & we ate salads almost every weeknight. It was fantastic. Next thing I’d lost eight kilos. Hang-on, quick calculation here…okay, 17 pounds. Looking back now it seemed so effortless (largely in part due to the fact I didn’t have to cook). Fast forward to…  [Read More]

gado gado – an Indonesian salad

Apa kabar! My first two years of high school were spent learning how to speak Indonesian. Well not just Indonesian, there were other subjects I had to learn too. I did think Indonesian a little obscure of a language to make mandatory study but with the proximity to Australia I imagine someone from the school district board deemed…  [Read More]

roasted tomato corn salad

Summertime in the northern hemisphere and the corn and tomatoes are plentiful. Together in a salad or a salsa they’re quite a masterful combination. I wanted something quick and easy for a weeknight dinner. It was storming so grilling was out of the question. I rummaged through our fridge and this delicious and pretty salad…  [Read More]

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