the green salad with pistachio lime pesto

This super crunchy, fresh green salad is the first in a salad series I’m working on. The Green Salad with Pistachio Lime Pesto was the perfect meal after completing a five-day juice fast. And, after not eating all week, it was the best thing I’d ever eaten.                 …  [Read More]

citrus jalapeno shrimp salad

Have you ever timed yourself when you eat? Mostly like you haven’t. I have. Next time you’re eating something warm & comforting notice how fast you wolf-down your meal. Then time yourself consuming a salad. The resulting time between the two meals is quite different – the salad taking more than twice as long to…  [Read More]

salmon & black bean salad with creamy citrus dressing

In the past, I’ve never been a big salmon fan, unless it was smoked. The tide is turning & I’ve been enjoying more fresh salmon cooked a variety of ways, grilled being my fave. Salmon is good for us, we all know that. And while it’s higher in calories than other fish, it’s health properties far…  [Read More]

mediterranean roasted cauliflower salad

There’s been an abundance of cauliflower recipes buzzing around on the internet: Everything from pizza bases to fried rice & wait…what…buffalo “chicken wings”. I have baulked at these alternative ways to use this brassica as a low carb & gluten-free alternative. I’m not good at following the masses, I tend to rebel a little. However, let’s be honest…  [Read More]

vietnamese pork & herb noodle salad

For most of the country, thinking about sitting down to a fresh, vibrant salad is probably the furthest thing from everyone’s minds right now, especially with so much of the country under snow. I know it’s only January but I’m eager to be cooking summery food (I’m not eager for the hideous Florida heat though).…  [Read More]

pear, blood orange & smoked almond salad

Don’t just relegate fruit to desserts, it’s brilliant in savory dishes, especially salads. I made this pear, blood orange & smoked almond salad a couple of weeks ago when I received my pear stash winnings from the folks at US Pears…I chatted about it on my last post. Fantastic salad you have to try! Blood oranges are…  [Read More]

roasted pumpkin, cranberry & spinach salad

Over the next couple of weeks you’re going to be seeing several pumpkin recipes here on my little corner of cyberspace. It’s coming up on the season for pumpkins, apples, mandarins, spices & all things warming & comforting. I was pretty excited to find cut pumpkin in an Asian grocery store my hubby & I regularly…  [Read More]

waldorf salad bruschetta with sugared walnuts

Growing up in Australia is about as far from New York as one could get, yet for special occasions – such as a party, a family barbie or picnic, my aunt would make Waldorf salad. As a child I didn’t fully comprehend the origin of this famous salad, I just knew it was from America…  [Read More]

sweet cucumber salad

Crisp, cool cucumbers optimize summer. As I slice them their fresh aroma fills the house & I love that smell. Sadly it was missing from my life for nine long years thanks to a partner who despised both their taste & smell so I didn’t eat them either. I like cucumbers so I got rid of him…  [Read More]

slow roasted tomato & arugula salad

If you’ve never roasted tomatoes in the oven for hours then marinated them in garlic, balsamic & olive oil…you must! Slow roasting tomatoes draws out their moisture & intensifies their flavor.  You’re rewarded with a sweet, heavenly concentration of tomato goodness. The simple balsamic marinade only intensifies their flavor. I’m a believer that often the simplest…  [Read More]

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