roasted squash, orange & avocado salad

This gorgeous roasted squash, orange, avocado, chick pea & jalapeno salad with its smoky cilantro dressing isn’t just sunshiny pretty, this salad is loaded with the life-giving goodness of Vitamin C.

blackberry & chicken sausage salad with maple balsamic vinaigrette

Yes, another blackberry recipe. This time a salad – blackberry & chicken sausage salad. This recipe was so good, we decide to include it on The Fresh Aussie YouTube cooking channel as one of our quickie videos. I love the contrasting textures & flavors of this salad – slices of crisp apple; tart, dried cranberries; creamy sheep feta; crunchy, toasted almonds;…  [Read More]

balsamic chicken & strawberry salad with a side of menopausal musings

Chicken & strawberry salad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve either eaten it or you’ve seen it on a menu somewhere. This is my version &, all modesty aside, it’s delicious. I put lots of fragrant, sweet strawberries in this recipe because I love fruit in salads & strawberries are not only in season, they’re…  [Read More]

chicken avocado blt salad with homemade ranch dressing

Panera Bread make a really yummy turkey, avocado blt sandwich using sourdough bread & it was the inspiration for this salad…minus the turkey…and the bread. I was craving their sandwich but I had neither turkey or bread & zero inclination to pop out to the store. Instead I whipped up this simple, scrumptious salad with ingredients I had…  [Read More]

sticky baked chicken with cucumber peanut salad

The ease of throwing chicken into a baking dish amid splashes of sweet & salty sauces with an end result of something flavorful & tender holds much appeal to me. Served with a crunchy salad & steamed jasmine rice & not only is dinner made but there’s also leftovers for both our lunches the next day.…  [Read More]

veggie fetta patties with tomato herb salad

Whether you’re doing meatless Monday or like me you’re trying to incorporate more veggies, grains and legumes into your diet then this salad is perfect. The inspiration for the veggie fetta patties came from a recipe I spotted in a Weight Watchers magazine. The fresh and summery tomato herb salad that is served with it…  [Read More]

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