5 Southeast Asian soups you need to be making

There are few things more wholesome & comforting than a steaming bowl of soup. If that soup happens to take its flavor inspiration from Southeast Asia, better yet. To celebrate National Soup Day, here is my quick, cheat’s version of hot & sour shrimp soup plus a few others you have to try. All soups…  [Read More]

spicy pickled shrimp

Shrimp are cheaper than steak, low in calories, cook in seconds & go from a simple grill to a spicy curry, an appetizer to a main meal, effortlessly. This spicy pickled shrimp recipe makes a perfect make-ahead appetizer & it fits snuggly into my diet renovation plan.  If I had to choose a short list…  [Read More]

garlic shrimp & spring veggie stir-fry

It’s not new news that a diet rich in plant-based foods is good for us. Sadly many people, for whatever reasons, have a diet lacking in the necessary nutrients that fruits & veggies offer. Enter garlic shrimp & spring veggie stir-fry. Fifteen minutes & minimal effort is all it takes & you’ll be munching on a…  [Read More]

gluten-free coconut waffle shrimp

A couple of years ago my hubby & I visited Miami to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We were living in Minnesota at the time & relished the idea of beach, heat & fresh seafood Miami has to offer. We’d sit at a tiki bar sipping on cocktails & eating pounds of coconut shrimp. Back in Minnesota we continued…  [Read More]

Shrimp…my love affair

Prawns, or shrimp as they’re referred to in my adoptive country, are on my ‘top-five’ food list.  I could eat them every day and not tire of them. This is speaking from experience…I’ve tried it…I still love them. I always will. This is a love affair that will never end. Although being land-locked for the…  [Read More]

crispy baked coconut shrimp with honey sriracha sauce

Bread it, fry it and I will eat it. And then feel guilty about it. Baked instead of fried these tasty little morsels are really crunchy…without the hideous guilt. They’re also really good served with sweet chili sauce instead of this hot, creamy Sriracha sauce if you’re feeling particularly virtuous.

thai basil pork & shrimp rissoles with coconut rice

I’m not even sure where to start to describe this recipe to you…maybe with the “rissoles” part.  A rissole is a like a large meatball that’s been flattened a little and uses ground meat, most commonly beef or lamb. I love Thai food so I added some distinct Thai flavors to these rissoles – apologies…  [Read More]

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