grilled zucchini, walnut & feta salad

Because it’s such a healthy way of eating, I’ve been cooking Mediterranean inspired food this week, including this grilled zucchini, walnut & feta salad. Along with Mediterranean food, my latest obsession is finding a bra that actually fits & doesn’t have me oozing out all over the place like out of control bread dough. The bras that…  [Read More]

mediterranean roasted cauliflower salad

There’s been an abundance of cauliflower recipes buzzing around on the internet: Everything from pizza bases to fried rice & wait…what…buffalo “chicken wings”. I have baulked at these alternative ways to use this brassica as a low carb & gluten-free alternative. I’m not good at following the masses, I tend to rebel a little. However, let’s be honest…  [Read More]

moroccan-inspired carrot & date salad

I’m sitting here writing this post feeling quite virtuous: I’ve taken Mango and Finn for a walk, I’ve been for a bike ride along the beach, drunk my green vegetable juice and I’m now enjoying a bowl of fresh Florida strawberries. It’s strawberry season here so they’re plentiful and inexpensive. And they’re my breakfast most mornings…  [Read More]

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