spinach, bean & white cheddar soup

I think I need to add a disclaimer to this post: It’s Father’s Day in the northern hemisphere & I have been drinking – margaritas no less – skinny ones but still…I’ve never posted under the influence so be prepared! As a supportive wife, it only seems right to celebrate Father’s Day with my husband,…  [Read More]

goat cheese & spinach stuffed chicken breasts

This recipe for goat cheese & spinach stuffed chicken breasts will do a snazzy meal with family or show up in a party dress for dinner with friends. And the best thing about this recipe (besides how fabulous it tastes) – it won’t blow your diet. This is the first recipe in this week’s ‘low…  [Read More]

pork, spinach & coconut curry

You’d assume the people of ungodly hot places would eat foods that don’t require much cooking. Yet in hot countries like India, spicy-hot food is consumed to aid in sweating which in turn helps to cool the body. When I did the research for an Indian cookbook I co-wrote back in the 90’s, I discovered the…  [Read More]

chicken, spinach & feta meatballs

Meatballs – YES!!! Be still my beating heart! Little bite-size morsels of meat goodness have always been a favorite of mine but something I didn’t make very often because I considered them a little fiddly. Not anymore. I have an easy method, nothing earth shattering but it seems to take a fraction of the time than it…  [Read More]

carrot & spinach juice

I’ve gone back to juicing every day again…it’s time. I feel so much better (& my skin looks better) when I guzzle down one of my nutrient-packed juice concoctions. I’ve had a 3-month break from it and now it’s time to dust off the juice extractor & get back to it again. For convenience, I…  [Read More]

chicken sausage, bean and spinach soup

Undertaking any sort of regime , especially a ‘getting back in shape’ one requires some planning. A wholesome, healthy eating plan certainly demands some thought into what you’re eating for the day or days ahead. Having good-for-you food on hand can help me stick to my plan better. It’s not foolproof but it helps. If…  [Read More]

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