roasted asparagus & tomato salad with smoky pesto

I’m so tired today I can barely keep my eyes open. I just want to have a nap but there’s no time for that, lots to do. Thankfully there’s some of this beautiful roasted asparagus & tomato salad that I turned into a frittata leftover for dinner tonight…meaning, I don’t have to cook. After a…  [Read More]

tomato, prosciutto and arugula salad

It’s been weeks since I’ve shown my face around here but I have a very good excuse – we moved. Yes. Again. As in packed-up-all-our-worldly-belongings-into-boxes-then-loaded-them-onto-a-truck-and-unpacked-them-at-our-new-place moved. Mind boggling isn’t it? As if moving isn’t horrendous enough but doing it twice in eight months is staggering, no exaggeration. We were exhausted for days – weeks even,…  [Read More]

olive tomato bruschetta

I’m not willing to let go of summer and dive into fall just yet. Oh that’s right, wait a minute, we live in Florida now where it’s perpetual summer…compared to the rest of the country that is. Just as a side note, do you believe the stores sell winter PJ’s here? And they’re already in…  [Read More]

roasted tomato corn salad

Summertime in the northern hemisphere and the corn and tomatoes are plentiful. Together in a salad or a salsa they’re quite a masterful combination. I wanted something quick and easy for a weeknight dinner. It was storming so grilling was out of the question. I rummaged through our fridge and this delicious and pretty salad…  [Read More]

mussels in tomato, chili and basil broth

Mussels are perfect for entertaining – as a starter or a main course. I like to pop a couple of large white plates down on the table and have people dig-in. There’s very little prep work when you decide to serve mussels and they take virtually no time to cook. Brilliant. If you serve them…  [Read More]

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