sticky slow roasted tomatoes

Too early for tomato recipes? I know most of North America is slowly waking up from winter but here in Florida we had about two hours of winter then it was back to hell-fire hot. I was loitering about the fruit & veg stand the other day when I noticed a pretty display of Roma tomatoes.…  [Read More]

grilled chicken with warm tomato, bean and bacon salad

It has rained & rained…& rained here in ‘sunny’ Florida for weeks on end. I love the rain, I find it soothing & productive. I can say that because thankfully we’re not under water like several suburbs around us are, poor souls. It’s not interfered with our lives too terribly apart from we’ve had to nab brief…  [Read More]

fattoush – tomato & herb bread salad

This salad is actually called “fattoush”. It originates in the Middle East – Lebanon. It is made with toasted pita bread, lots of fresh herbs, the tastiest tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, green peppers and onion. It has a tart, vibrant dressing made with fresh lemon juice, garlic and a touch of ground cumin. The salad is nothing…  [Read More]

tomato, prosciutto and arugula salad

It’s been weeks since I’ve shown my face around here but I have a very good excuse – we moved. Yes. Again. As in packed-up-all-our-worldly-belongings-into-boxes-then-loaded-them-onto-a-truck-and-unpacked-them-at-our-new-place moved. Mind boggling isn’t it? As if moving isn’t horrendous enough but doing it twice in eight months is staggering, no exaggeration. We were exhausted for days – weeks even,…  [Read More]

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