smoky carrot hummus

You all know hummus right? Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, spices & garlic all blitzed together to make a delicious dip-like paste. Super simple. Middle Eastern in origin (so it’s said – also spread to North African & Mediterranean), hummus gained considerable popularity in western culture, especially of late & now we’re seeing many…  [Read More]

gado gado – an Indonesian salad

Apa kabar! My first two years of high school were spent learning how to speak Indonesian. Well not just Indonesian, there were other subjects I had to learn too. I did think Indonesian a little obscure of a language to make mandatory study but with the proximity to Australia I imagine someone from the school district board deemed…  [Read More]

veggie fetta patties with tomato herb salad

Whether you’re doing meatless Monday or like me you’re trying to incorporate more veggies, grains and legumes into your diet then this salad is perfect. The inspiration for the veggie fetta patties came from a recipe I spotted in a Weight Watchers magazine. The fresh and summery tomato herb salad that is served with it…  [Read More]

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